Natural Salve

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We are registered with Health Canada.

I started making my Salve 10 plus years ago when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia… I started to research what our ancestors would have done for pain and discovered they would have made a Salve back in the day.
All the calendula flowers are grown on our land and then dried in the sun and then infused in oils in the sun for a minimum of two to six months depending on the time of year ( the longer the oils are in the sun the more healing I seem to get) 

Essentially I made it just for my own personal use for the first 6 plus years and it was when I moved to our now cottage in Burks Falls that someone suggested I take it to the public. 

We do not do any social media at all, no websites, it’s all word of mouth. And we have MANY repeat clients! 

I use it for pain daily but a lot of ppl use it for skin conditions with GREAT success for issues such as psoriasis, eczema, dry cracked skin, rashes, burns, after bite,  sun burns, cut and scrapes and more!

Many ppl with achy knees or hands from arthritis get wonderful results and when they are really flared up  they use it twice a day ( morning and night and report they are getting great relief. 

I always encourage ppl that if they are dealing with something “chronic” to use it a minimum of twice a day and as much as three times a day. 
A little goes A LONG way, so a jar lasts a long while! 
Many new mamas keep the Salve in their diaper bags and use it on babies bums and for any “first aide” situation that occurs.

Many pet owners use it for their dogs after bite ( itch) from bug bites, on their pads if they have any sores or for hot spots on their skin, or after surgery for healing etc ..